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Web Design and Development

Looking to build a brand new site or redesign your existing site? Cade & Associates is a web design company specializing in building web sites that look professional, load quickly, and offer the latest functionality and interactivity to users. Your web site can include any of the following online interactive features:

  • Database Integration
  • Custom Content Based on Input from the Site Visitor
  • Content Management System
  • Social Media IntegrationFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Responsive Design in Compliance with All Mobile Platforms
  • Multimedia: Sound, Video, jQuery Animation
  • E-Commerce Catalog for Goods and Services
  • Accept Payments or Donations Online
  • Site Search

E-Commerce Sites

Ready to build your online store? Want to redesign your existing e-commerce web site? The Cade & Associates web design team creates e-commerce sites that are powerful, effective and affordable. Every e-commerce site is custom-designed for the individual client, but all of them have the following in common:

They’re full of features that increase sales.

Are you familiar with the many content features that enhance your shopping experience on the large e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay? You can also have the same great features on your site:

Customers can:

  • Search by keyword, price, distance or type of product
  • Get large, multiple views of products
  • Create an account or check-out instantly
  • Get an instant shipping quote
  • Maintain an address book
  • View their order status or history
  • Receive email and mobile notifications
  • View featured items, bestseller lists and create wishlists

Store owners can:

  • Add, edit and delete products
  • Add, edit and delete products photos
  • Create new product categories
  • Cross-promote and up-sell items
  • Put products on sale and create custom discounts
  • Create promo codes and discount codes
  • Run reports on customers, sales and products
  • Print / email custom invoices
  • Track inventory / stock
  • Generate and print / email a tax reports

Company Intranets

If you’ve been put in charge of getting your company’s intranet up and running, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you whether you’re starting from scratch or have an existing intranet you need to redesign. Every company’s Intranet is different, but here are some of the more common features and elements found on company intranets we have built:

  • Staff Directory
  • Snow Day Announcements
  • Employee Handbook
  • Expense Reports and Forms
  • Event Calendar
  • Equipment Repair Requests
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Software Help Manuals
  • Press Releases and News
  • Benefits & Insurance
  • Emergency Phone Numbers
  • Collateral / Sales Materials


Do you already know what data you want to share on your Intranet? We can help you consider resources that may prove helpful to employees. We’ll also help you gather the data from the various departments within your company.

Web Design

We can also help organize that data so employees can access information quickly and easily. We’ll work closely with you to create a design and user interface that is professional, stylish and easy to navigate.


Building the site will take a lot of hard work — on our part. We’ll need your input you and insider’s knowledge of the company, but we’ll keep the process simple and fun. Learn more about the web design process here.


We’ll test and scrutinize the Intranet thoroughly before you announce the launch of the Intranet to your company. This is the rewarding part. Sit back and wait for your co-workers’ (and boss’) compliments.


Most clients want a content management system installed on their server. This allows representatives of the various departments of your company to edit the respective sections of their site. Our system is ultra-simple. No knowledge of HTML or programming is necessary. We’ll come to your place of business and teach your co-workers how simple it is to use the system.

Content Management with CommonSpot CMS

The Cade & Associates web design team provides a full-featured content management system for your site that allows you to easily do things yourself. With our custom CMS, you can…

  • Log in with a secure password
  • Change the text on any page
  • Add new pages and categories
  • Add photos and embed videos
  • Delete pages
  • Make updates anytime from anywhere
  • View the content changes you make instantly
  • Restrict access to certain parts of the site to certain users

Familiar with the buttons that appear at the top of Microsoft Word? Those same buttons will appear at the top of your web page. Want to make something bold? Just click the big bold “B” at the top of the page. Want to make something italic? Click the big italic “I”. Want to make something a link? Click the big… You get the picture!

A representative of the Cade & Associates web design team will conduct a training session for the content management system with members of your staff. This will likely be a very short training session! Most people take one look at the interface and instantly understand how to use it. We’ll also be on hand if you have questions or issues down the road.

Now all you have to do is contact us!


Search engine optimization used to be a simple process. Just add a few metatag keywords to your site and you were good to go! Over time, web site owners — and their developers — started abusing the system and search engines had to adjust their algorithms to generate more relevant search engine results. Metatag keywords are no longer useful. In fact, Google has ignored them for about ten years! Today, search engines reward web sites that have relevant content, have good usability and are highly visible on the internet.

That's why the Cade & Associates web design team doesn’t focus its SEO efforts on tricking search engines. We focus on making your website as relevant as possible and improving a site’s usability and visibility so it naturally (and organically) rises to the top of the search engine results over time.

Here is an outline of the Search Engine optimization process for the web sites we develop:

  1. Set business goals.
  2. Research what keywords your potential customers are using.
  3. Perform a competitive analysis to refine keywords and discover potential competitive advantages.
  4. Establish a prioritized list of target keywords.
  5. Coach your copy writer on the proper way to write the content.
  6. Develop an architecture that will be easily spidered by search engine robots.
  7. Develop W3C-compliant XHTML and CSS templates.
  8. Add content and metadata to your site.
  9. Perform a thorough review of the site and make adjustments.
  10. Submit your site to all major search engines.
  11. Request reciprocal links with strategic partners.
  12. Run monthly reports to monitor progress with search engines, monitor traffic logs, and adjust your site as needed.

Secure, Reliable Hosting

The Cade & Associates web design team has a dedicated Cloud Server located with Hosting.com in Newark, Delaware.

Server Features

  • Cloud Enterprise Platform BASE VM
  • Dual CPU Linux CentOS 64 Bit
  • Parallels Plesk Panel v11.0.9 Cent OS 5
  • 12 GB RAM
  • 80 GB Storage with 80 GB Backup
  • Apache 2.2 Web Server
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • ColdFusion 10 Enterprise
  • MySQL
  • Firewall - Netscreen SSG5 Firewall 256M -EEC
  • Firewall Software - Juniper Antivirus (incl. Anti-spyware, Anti-phishing) NS-K-AVS-SSG5
  • Juniper Software VPN
  • Includes port level, HTTP, and MySQL Monitoring every 5 minutes, which provides 99.99% uptime for all Web sites hosted on the server.
  • 24/7/365 Live Technical Support
  • Daily Backup of all Files
  • Security Software: OSSEC-HIDS, Fail2Ban, New Relic Alerts, FusionReactor

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