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Marketing Monthly

Your All-In-One Marketing Solution.

Having Trouble Marketing Your Company? Is It Too Difficult Keeping Up With the Changing Digital World? Need an Experienced Marketing Team Without the Expense?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, we have the perfect solution for you – MarketingMonthly Packages.

From social media management, website design and enhancement, graphic design, and video production to public relations, search engine marketing, email campaigns, and direct mail solutions, we provide all-inclusive packages tailored to your business’s needs.

Your Experienced Marketing Department Without the Expensive Pricetag.

How Does MarketingMonthly Work?

Pick a Package, We Implement Your Plan, Watch Your Business Grow

It's So Easy!

We customize your marketing plan to best accommodate your industry and market. Our team of expert designers and marketing professionals use your monthly allotted hours to create, implement, and track results for your new marketing efforts. We evaluate your plan month-by-month and make the necessary adjustments to keep your marketing effective.

What Makes Marketing Monthly Amazing? Flexibility.

Stop spending your time trying to handle every aspect of your marketing efforts. Let our team of experts take the burden off your shoulders. No more separate calls to webmasters, graphic designers, video editors, and vendors. We customize your MarketingMonthly package to achieve your specific marketing goals. Need a new graphic for an advertising campaign or a short video for your website? Great, we can do that! How about engaging posts for your Facebook page or a press-release for an upcoming event? No problem, we can do that too. Utilize our extensive list of skills to your advantage. Mix and match the monthly services you need and get ahead of the competition. We are your one-stop shop, ready to work hard for you at an affordable monthly cost.


Business Starter
8 hours
Business Silver
16 hours
Business Gold
24 hours
Business Platinum
32 hours
Graphic Design
Social Media Management
Video Production (Basic)
Photography Services
Website Enhancements*
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Content Writing Services
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)**
Pay-Per-Click Advertising**
Public Relations
Email Marketing**
Team Strategic Planning
Detailed Reports & Analysis
Monthly Strategy Consultation

*For sites that we currently host. **Additional costs for 3rd party advertising may be required.

Do you want an upgrade? Upgrading your monthly package is possible at any time. Downgrading your monthly package is also allowed once per calendar year. Hours may be borrowed from future months to complete marketing projects for the current month. However, maintaining a consistent monthly marketing effort will be more beneficial to your company. You may also purchase additional hours as needed.

Marketing Monthly Package Services

Graphic Design The foundation for all your marketing efforts, our team of designers is ready to create eye-catching visuals for all of your marketing projects.

Social Media Management A necessity in brand promotion, our team of social media savvy staff will keep your posts topical and consistent, while effectively engaging customers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and other emerging platforms.

Video Production (Basic) Today, integrating video into your advertising campaigns gives any business a leg up. This very unique monthly feature relies on provided footage, stock footage, or shooting footage (available as an upgrade) to create a compelling message through video for your company.

Photography Services A picture is worth a thousand words—are yours saying the right thing? Our in-house photographers have the skills and equipment to capture any moment to make your brand stand out. (Local customers only.)

Website Enhancements Whether it’s simply staying up to date with small text changes or adding new features that keep your customers coming back for more, we have you covered.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) We optimize your site’s content to make sure your ideal customer has a better chance of finding you through simple web searches.

Content Writing Services Having trouble finding the words? No problem. Leave it to our team of experienced copywriters to help you best express how your product or service will uniquely benefit them.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Effectively use paid and organic searches to increase your ranking results in search engines while reaching your target audience the moment they are looking for you.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising We use keyword marketing to create pay-per-click advertising that produces interest for serious customers. You only pay when a prospective customer clicks your ad.

Email Marketing Reach out to your customers through email with promotions and reminders. This amazingly cost-effective solution puts your message in a very personal environment — the email inbox.

Public Relations Complement your marketing goals with good PR. Whether announcing your company’s debut, sharing a novel solution, or putting out fires, we will help you engage the press, social media, and the public.

Detailed Reports & Analysis We identify what is working for you and make adjustments to optimize your marketing efforts. Whether you are running TV, paid search, social media, or email, we track, analyze, and report to you.

Monthly Strategy Consultation Let’s review! We will share our reports with you in a monthly meeting and present our next strategy for your company’s marketing success.